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All fans of the thrill of gaming: good day!

All of you are well aware of the state of affairs around the gaming industry, and the possibly unfair situation around the interpretation of commercial games by the authorities of various countries, such as poker, for example.

We are, of course, talking about blocking with and without parsing poker clubs, such as Poker 888. Or “three eights”.

Of course, of course, the degree of implementation of blocking decisions is handled differently by different providers.

Poker888 installer

Poker888 installer Click!

After blocking some, it is enough just to run the OPERA and this makes it possible to bypass the blocking of the resource, and some very reliably block prohibited resources, and this results in the fact that even through TOR you will not get to your favorite clubs, sites…

If you failed to download the poker 888 installer from the official website, it means that your provider has blocked poker888, and you will have to download the installer on our website using the buttons and links given below.

I try to spread the poker 888 distribution (international version) as often as possible. You can always find the distribution of the latest version of the Poker-888 client program on the page you are currently reading.

To be fair, it was for the Poker 888 client that I found a free program to solve the issue of locks. Reliable and good program. Download  HERE.

Download the 888 Poker client   [Version from 20.01.2021]

I will not pull the cat by the tail, and I suggest that the sufferers download from us (of course, there is nothing to block us for) and install on the client’s computer or the client part of a large club-casino, known as Poker 888. Don’t forget to choose your native language during installation!

Or download Poker 888 via the direct link   [Version from 20.01.2021]

This is, of course, a web installer, a tiny application, because 888 doesn’t work any other way. And many others, such as the virus works in the same way.

The procedure is simple: download the web installer, unpack, install, run the file If you are a new player, then after installation you will be offered to register. After registration, you will be provided with not bad bonus opportunities for 1 deposit.

Installing the 888 Poker client will take quite a while. So don’t let that scare you. Well, the one who has already bet, of course, knows that the client is huge, like Stars, no less.

If the process of installing poker-888 “got up”, then most likely, your provider blocks the resources of 888 reliably, and your only way out of this situation I described HERE

The author guarantees, that this file is downloaded from the official site, and posted here AS IS (as is). Checked by all antivirus programs, and personally by me. I myself installed Poker888 from this distribution.

Who did not manage to click on the beautiful download button, I give a direct link.

System requirements: Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1, windows 10, MAC OS;

2 GB of RAM, about 500 MB. on disk. It is better to have an external video card. I have here 1gb Geforce GT9600, the card is old, but it is enough, but”end-to-end”.

Have a good game!

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